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Property Insurance

Property Insurance
Property is a primary good in which we have invested financially and engaged emotionally. The value of movable and immovable property is priceless, regardless its cost or age. It is worthwhile to take measures against the everyday risks which can constitute a serious threat and cause financial burden or extra emotional overload.

To protect your property and in co-operation with the most creditworthy insurance companies, we have the ability to provide full insurance coverage against natural disasters and random incidents that can occur (fire, flood, snow, pipe burglary, theft, earthquake) and numerous other coverage with competitive pricing. The policies have the potential to meet:

  • Standing - Cottage
  • Offices - Clinics
  • Shops
  • Industrial Risks
  • Warehouses - Services - Reports
  • Hotel Units - Rentals - Hostels
  • Photovoltaic Systems
For the procedure of insuring your property contact the specified department as specific information and data is required (type building construction, pipe material, etc.).
Contact the specific department: