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Life and Health Insurance

Life and Health Insurance
Policies taken out οf life insurance are designed to protection of the insured by any economic damage that will come up by loss of life or disability caused by accident. Usually life insurance is enriched with additional coverage in order to provide extra assurance in various other events that will cause economic damage, such as accidents, illnesses, incapacity for work, primary care (outpatient) and miscellaneous expenses. Moreover, it is given the choice of saving plans with guaranteed interest to maturity and / or investment programs by purchasing internal variable fund units in specialized for this purpose organizations.

Individual - Family insurance plans

The recent change processes of the legislative framework for social healthcare, has brought a new reality in the areas of pension and health. The conditions require all of us to review our pension and health care plan. Our company offers its customers and partners comprehensive and high-value products from the most reputable organizations. More specifically the potential insured can choose from the following coverage:

  • Hospital care
  • Outpatient care - dental coverage
  • Inability to work
  • Family protection chapter
  • Medical care and airlift in Greece and abroad
  • Second medical opinion
  • Children savings / investment plans
  • Surgical allowance
  • Guarantee pension programs with flexibility to maturity
  • Investment programs linked to life insurance

Take advantage of the special family discount health plans

Group insurance

Our company is highly experienced and can offer comprehensive studies and group insurance solutions to companies and organizations. Each case is examined individually and Tailor-made products are offered by specialized insurers.
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