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Legal Protection Insurance

Legal Protection Insurance
Legal protection insurance is optionally included in car insurance but it can also be purchased as a standalone insurance premium to cover other very basic needs. In a period of instability and uncertainty, the need to cover attorneys and costs is constantly increasing. The conditions prevailing in family and business environments require legal intervention with costs that are usually unbearable. With a quite financial and competitive legal protection insurance premium, you can cover costs which you would not have the financial comfort to respond to. Through a series of insurance coverage that engage to your legal expenses we present the most essential:

For individuals

  • Vehicle and Driver
  • Family
  • Personal
  • Renting property
  • Housing
  • Building management
  • Yacht

For the professional

  • Basic professional legal protection
  • Advanced professional legal protection
  • Court settlements

Moreover Sofos Insurance Agency S.A. understands the difficulties faced by people in demanding labor posts (doctors, law enforcement agencies, accountants, insurance intermediaries and O.S.Y. drivers) and offers immediate solutions with specialized programs.

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