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Company Profile

Company Profile
The Sofos  Insurance Agency S.A. occupies in an area of 500 sq.m. at Zografou, Paianias street 14.

It operates throughout the Greek territory covering the insurance needs for over 100.000 individuals and businesses.

It has a well-organized sales network throughout the Greek territory, consisting of more than 550 specialist insurance brokers, who rely on us for several years.

 It works with modern and high-tech information systems, which ensure the high quality of service to both customers and its partners.

The company’s management and staff extensive experience, both in the general and life and health insurance, as well as the high level of client service, makes Sofos Insurance Agency S.A. to stand with glare in the insurance market.

The career of the founders of Sofos Insurance Agency S.A. Christos Sofos and Despina Mavroidi-Sofou started in 1978, when they worked as employees in insurance companies. In 1985 they founded the insurance agency with a personal enterprise. In 1997 they convert the personal business in Ltd. called "Sofos INSURANCE AGENCY LTD". In autumn 2006 they founded the Société Anonyme brokering insurance company named "SOFOS INSURANCE AGENCY SA".

The responsible attitude and consistency that defines its founders for more than 35 years, established the company in the Greek insurance industry, ensuring the further development.

The company's moral values are governed by family business elements always guided by high-level organizational structure and rapid client service. Following the steps of the founders, both their sons maintain the ethical values and give new impetus to the company, something that ensures company’s bright future.